Representing Other Type Constructors

Above and beyond record structures and sets, an ODL class definition could use Bag, List, Array, or Dictionary to construct values. To represent a bag (multiset), in which a single object can be a member of the bag n times, we cannot simply introduce into a relation n the

The Object-Relational Model

The relational model and the object-oriented model typified by ODL are two important points in a spectrum of options that could underlie a DBMS. For an extended period, the relational model was dominant in the commercial DBMS world. Object-oriented DBMS's made limited

Object-Oriented Versus Object-Relational

The object-oriented data model, as typified by ODL, and the object-relational model discussed here, are outstandingly similar. Some of the most important points of comparison follow.

From ODL Designs to Object-Relational Designs

In “From ODL Designs to Relational Designs” we learned how to convert designs in ODL into schemas of the relational model. Difficulties arose primarily because of the richer modeling constructs of ODL: nonatomic attribute types, relationships and methods. Some, but not all, of

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