Airline Reservations Systems

In this kind of system, the items of data include: 1. Reservations by a single customer on a single flight, including such information as assigned seat or meal preference.

Banking Systems

The Data items contain names and addresses of customers, accounts, loans, and their balances, and the connection between customers and their accounts and loans, e.g., who has signature authority over which accounts.

Information Integration

As information becomes ever more important in our work and play, we find that existing information resources are being used in many new ways. For instance, consider a company that wants to provide on-line catalogs for all its products

An Algebra of Relational Operations

In order to start our study of operations on relations, we shall learn about a special algebra, called relational algebra that comprises some simple but powerful ways to construct new relations from given relations. When the given relations are stored data, then the constructed

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